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2017 Diary

A Ramble on Women's Cricket
 - with diversions -

This diary will be updated erratically throughout the year.

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First Some Housekeeping

My failure to sort my links properly may mean you missed Part 4 of "From Skirts to Pink Balls", but have no fear - no, I know you haven't really - it's still here.
Secondly I have been ill for quite some months as some of you may know and therefore not seen a single cricket match (apart from TV that is) this year. Sadly this state of affairs will continue for a little while yet. That doesn't, however, mean I won't be following the WC seriously and updating this blog as and when hospital appointments allow and attempting to make a contribution to ..


Want to see what's happening NOW and DURING the World Cup 2017?

Then you need to follow...

WWC17 Blog


... where I had hoped to provide up-to-date images. There's is every chance I may be able to for later games.

And Now the News

Well several rounds of warm-ups, both official and unofficial have been and gone as I type and there has been one major surprise. Most of the games have pretty much gone to the form-book, although margins of some of the victories may have flattered the winners. That remains to be seen and I have to hope the minnows generally put up a better showing when the fun really starts at the weekend.
But what about Pakistan? Two of their batsmen really stood out against the West Indies!

[Bismah Maroof]  Don Miles

Left-hander Bismah Maroof (75/80)(above) and Nain Abidi (81*/86)

[Nain Abidi]  Don Miles

The West Indies opening gambit of 246 was thus chased down with 14 balls to spare. For the Caribbean side the star was the newcomer Felicia Walters (59/93)  which at least held the side together but the WIndies know now they will have to bat even more forcefully than the all-but 5 runs per over here. Now that's a real change from days gone by, when a 240ish score would have been considered remarkable. Only two West Indies batsmen managed better than a run a ball. True only one did in the Pakistan innings but major scorers came close - in the 90s!

But Now the (possibly) Bad News

You will have seen my headline on the Home Page which stated...

You can watch All 31 Games via Sky**

... well it seems that maybe you can't - well free anyway!
There is, of course, a perfectly sound commercial reason for this and that is - to take one example - Sky would wish, not unnaturally, that those living in the UK would take out a Sky subscription. It makes no commercial sense to give away what Sky nowadays obviously considers a saleable product. As someone who ran a business all my life I can, as the Americans would say, 'see where they're coming from'.
But do I like the idea from a cricketing perspective? Well, no, but that decision lies with the ICC and not, before you get hot under the collar, with the ECB.  Will this mean those in Australia won't be able to watch the erstwhile Southern Stars? Maybe. Perhaps that will depend on commercial interests down under. At the time of typing I have no idea. I will update this section if and when more definitive news becomes available. The same applies to all seven countries and one cricket federation, of course.
India taking on Sri Lanka has almost always been a rather one-sided affair. I have to admit to feeling rather sorry for Sri Lanka. Troubles with the cricket board back home, far exceeding anything else alleged around the world, have not made it easy for them, and the poor domestic structure only adds to the country's woes.
The Indian openers, Raut and Mandhana, are possibly, from a purists point of view, the most attractive pair of opening players in international cricket.

[Poonam Raut]  Don Miles

Poonam Raut (69/79) (above) and Smriti Mandhana (44/58)

[Smriti Mandhana]  Don Miles

The icing on the cake for India was Raj's 85/89, giving India a total of 275 for 8 and a good outing for the main strength prior to the 'real thing'.

[Mithali Raj]  Don Miles

Scorecards from 21st June:  India v Sri Lanka    :   England v New Zealand
The surprise in the England v New Zealand match was not the leisurely (but sensible) 51/76 from Tammy Beaumont but the fact she had no need to hurry as the White Ferns could manage only 130 all out in 38.3 overs. England bowlers shared the wickets and the only worry for the management may be the retirement of Lauren Winfield who kept wicket during the Kiwi innings. She retired during the England innings but it was said to be merely a precaution after the keeping caused a stiff back. With only three players reaching double figures, and that doesn't include Bates and Priest the biggest hitters in the side, it would seem the New Zealanders have work to do. Knowing their mentality I've no doubt they'll be back in this tournament - but how soon? Their first fixture is on Wednesday 28th June against South Africa, a side known for punching above their weight, so the White Ferns will need to look out.
<June 22>
Warm-up games over rather quickly today with Australia needing only 23.2 over to knock off Pakistan's 156. Evan a half century by Bibi Nahida (aka Nahida Khan) (51/57) failed to stir her compatriots into faster scoring. Sarah Aley took 4 of the wickets and Jess Jonassen 3. In Australia's reply Beth Mooney retired out (63/72) and Australia lost only 1 more wicket collecting the runs.
In the West Indies/South African encounter West Indies simply fell apart once again, managing just 63 in 23.5 overs, a dismal scoring rate and a dismal total. All of this is very un-West Indian like.  Masabata Klaas did the damage with the ball taking 4/14 in just 4.5 overs. Woolvaardt top scored for the Saffers in the reply (26/41) and while they knocked off the runs in just 19 overs, they did lose 4 wickets in the process.
Everyone (including me) having predicted this will be the most open Word Cup ever must be wondering where we got it wrong!

What Next for the World Cup

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