Buttons don't work?


Firstly try hitting the refresh button on your browser (or the f5 key on the keyboard which does the same job in Windows). On slower connections this will frequently work.

No luck - try clicking, in fact clicking twice, on one of the navigation buttons in the left hand panel e.g. the Country Squads button.

On slow connections it is possible that the menus will sometimes appear and sometimes not. This happens with my home connection with Sky and is rather frustrating. A more recent connection with Virgin media does not exhibit this problem. It seems that the larger the page is to load (e.g. the picture page/slide shows) then the more likely it is the menu will not always appear. On occasion it does! There may be another reason for this but if so I have been unable to work it out. Some browsers (I sometimes use 'Opera') seem to suffer when Internet Explorer works fine.

However ... the navigation buttons on this site were written in a language known as Java. For many years this could be read by Internet Explorer and most other Internet Browsers. However around 2006 versions of Internet Explorer and updates that are often automatically made to your existing version may no longer have support for this language. It is my understanding this may be due to a copyright dispute.

I am changing as quickly as I am able to CSS menus, a system which essentially relies on the same coding as the web page itself which should clear the problem. If you are aware of any buttons that persistently do not work, I would appreciate your letting me know.