Honours Summary
1Inns, All Grades, 20-Jun-1973 to 22-Oct-2018
Statistic Name Club Figures
Best Batting Average R Heyhoe-Flint England 58.45
Highest Score A C Kerr New Zealand 232*
Best Batting Strike Rate N R Sciver England 100.14
Best Batting Aggregate M D Raj India 6550
Best Bowling Average L A Fullston Australia 13.26
Best Bowling Economy K M Brown Australia 2.10
Most Wickets J N Goswami India 207
Most Wickets in Innings Sajjida Shah Pakistan 7-4
Most Catches T Chetty South Africa 108
Hat Trick C J Connor England  
Hat Trick EC Drumm New Zealand  
Hat Trick J E Harris New Zealand  
Hat Trick C A Hodges England  
Hat Trick SA Young Ireland  
Hat Trick L Egging Netherlands  
Hat Trick D van Niekerk South Africa  
Hat Trick I Ranaweera Sri Lanka  
Hat Trick Rumana Ahmed Bangladesh  
Highest Innings Score New Zealand New Zealand 491
Lowest Innings Score Netherlands Netherlands 22

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