Most Dismissals in a Match by Keeper
1Inns, All Grades, India Vs England, 23-Jun-1973 to 25-Aug-2014
# Name Club Date Opposition Ground Dismissals
1 F Khalili IND 20-Jan-1982 England Cook's Gardens, Wanganui 5
2 S M Naik IND 04-Jul-2012 England Somerset CCC, Taunton 4
3 A A Jain IND 15-Dec-1995 England Madras C.C. 3
4 A A Jain IND 01-Dec-1995 England Moin-ul-Haq Stadium, Pa 3
5 A A Jain IND 08-Jan-2002 England Lal Bahadur Shastri Stad 3
6 A A Jain IND 28-Mar-2005 England Laudium Pretoria 3
7 K V Jain IND 09-Dec-2005 England Eden Gardens, Calcutta 3
8 K V Jain IND 28-Feb-2007 England M A Chidambaram Chennai 3
9 A A Deshpande IND 21-Feb-2010 England M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, B 3
10 S M Naik IND 26-Feb-2010 England ACA VDCA Sta Visakhapata 3
11 A A Jain IND 14-Nov-1995 England Nehru Stadium, Ghwahati 2
12 V Kalpana IND 25-Jul-1993 England Finchamstead CC 2
13 S M Naik IND 27-Jan-2003 England Bert Sutcliffe Oval Linc 2
14 S M Naik IND 06-Feb-2003 England Lincoln No 3 Lincoln 2
15 S M Naik IND 07-Feb-2003 England Bert Sutcliffe Oval Linc 2
16 A Kirkire IND 27-Nov-2005 England Nahar Singh Stadium, Far 2
17 K V Jain IND 24-Aug-2006 England The Rosebowl Southampton 2
18 K V Jain IND 21-Feb-2007 England M A Chidambaram Chennai 2
19 V Kalpana IND 27-Jul-1986 England Banstead CC, Banstead 2
20 A A Deshpande IND 24-Feb-2010 England ACA VDCA Sta Visakhapata 2
21 S M Naik IND 01-Jul-2012 England Lords, London 2
22 K V Jain IND 23-Aug-2014 England Marine Road Scarborough 2
23 A A Jain IND 06-Jul-1999 England Old Trafford Manchester 1
24 A A Jain IND 09-Jul-1999 England Northampton County Groun 1
25 A A Jain IND 09-Jan-2002 England Lal Bahadur Shastri Stad 1
26 A A Jain IND 21-Jan-2002 England Middle Income Group Grnd 1
27 S M Naik IND 11-Aug-2002 England Beaconsfield CC, Beacons 1
28 A Kirkire IND 01-Dec-2005 England KD 'Babu' Singh Stadium, 1
29 K V Jain IND 04-Dec-2005 England Nehru Stadium, Ghwahati 1
30 K V Jain IND 07-Dec-2005 England S M Dev Stadium, Silchar 1
31 K V Jain IND 17-Aug-2006 England Shenley SG, Herts 1
32 K V Jain IND 19-Aug-2006 England Arundel Castle C C 1
33 F Khalili IND 01-Jan-1978 England Eden Gardens, Calcutta 1
34 N Barve(Jogalekar) IND 12-Jan-1982 England Cornwall Pk Auckland 1
35 M Singhal IND 22-Jun-1986 England Grace Road, Leicester 1
36 V Kalpana IND 26-Jul-1986 England Indian Gymkana Osterley 1
37 A A Deshpande IND 19-Feb-2010 England M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, B 1
38 S M Naik IND 01-Mar-2010 England Bandra Curla Complex Mum 1
39 A A Deshpande IND 30-Jun-2011 England Derby, UK 1
40 S M Naik IND 05-Jul-2012 England Somerset CCC, Taunton 1

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