Most Catches in a Match by Keeper
1Inns, All Grades, New Zealand Vs England, 23-Jun-1973 to 25-Aug-2014
# Name Club Date Opposition Ground Catches
1 R J Rolls NZ 19-Nov-2000 England Centennial Ground, Oamar 3
2 S L Illingworth NZ 16-Jun-1996 England Grace Road, Leicester 2
3 R J Rolls NZ 14-Dec-2000 England BS Oval, Lincoln, NZ 2
4 R J Rolls NZ 17-Aug-2004 England Old Trafford Manchester 2
5 E M Ryan NZ 10-Jan-1982 England Cornwall Pk Auckland 2
6 R J Rolls NZ 23-Feb-2007 England IIT Chemplast, Chennai 2
7 R C Milburn NZ 03-Mar-2007 England IIT Chemplast, Chennai 2
8 R C Milburn NZ 30-Aug-2007 England Shenley SG, Herts 2
9 R J Rolls NZ 12-Feb-2000 England Fitzherbert Park, Palmer 1
10 R J Rolls NZ 15-Feb-2000 England WestpacTrust Stadium, We 1
11 R J Rolls NZ 17-Feb-2000 England Eden Park, Auckland 1
12 R J Rolls NZ 20-Feb-2000 England Westpac Trust Park, Hami 1
13 S L Illingworth NZ 18-Jun-1996 England Chester-le-Street, Durha 1
14 M K Fruin NZ 20-Jan-1992 England Basin Reserve, Wellingto 1
15 S L Illingworth NZ 21-Jul-1993 England Lloyds bank SG, Beckenha 1
16 R J Rolls NZ 03-Feb-2003 England Bert Sutcliffe Oval Linc 1
17 R J Rolls NZ 06-Aug-2004 England Sussex CCC Hove 1
18 R J Rolls NZ 10-Aug-2004 England Chelmsford, England 1
19 R J Rolls NZ 01-Apr-2005 England LC De Villiers Oval 1
20 E M Ryan NZ 08-Jan-1978 England Lal Bahadur Shastri Stad 1
21 I C P Jagersma NZ 14-Dec-1988 England Carey No 1 Bulleen Melbo 1
22 I C P Jagersma NZ 30-Jun-1984 England Grace Road, Leicester 1
23 R C Milburn NZ 27-Aug-2007 England Stanley Park Blackpool 1
24 K J Martin NZ 03-Mar-2008 England Bert Sutcliffe Oval Linc 1
25 R H Priest NZ 22-Mar-2009 England North Sydney No1 Sydney 1
26 R H Priest NZ 10-Jul-2010 England Somerset CCC, Taunton 1
27 R H Priest NZ 20-Jul-2010 England Lords, London 1
28 K J Martin NZ 02-Jul-2011 England Derby, UK 1
29 K J Martin NZ 05-Mar-2012 England Bert Sutcliffe Oval Linc 1
30 R H Priest NZ 15-Feb-2013 England Brabourne Stadium, Mumba 1

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