Lowest Completed Innings Scores
1Inns, All Grades, New Zealand Vs England, 23-Jun-1973 to 25-Aug-2014
# Team Club Date Opposition Ground Runs
1 New Zealand NZ 27-Aug-2007 England Stanley Park Blackpool 72-10
2 New Zealand NZ 10-Aug-2004 England Chelmsford, England 126-10
3 New Zealand NZ 21-Jul-1993 England Lloyds bank SG, Beckenha 127-10
4 New Zealand NZ 01-Aug-1993 England Lords, London 128-10
5 New Zealand NZ 08-Jan-1978 England Lal Bahadur Shastri Stad 157-10
6 New Zealand NZ 20-Jul-2002 England Chester-le-Street, Durha 161-10
7 New Zealand NZ 03-Mar-2012 England Bert Sutcliffe Oval Linc 164-10
8 New Zealand NZ 22-Mar-2009 England North Sydney No1 Sydney 166-10
9 New Zealand NZ 27-Jan-1982 England Basin Reserve, Wellingto 169-10
10 New Zealand NZ 06-Aug-2004 England Sussex CCC Hove 176-10
11 New Zealand NZ 02-Jul-2011 England Derby, UK 179-10
12 New Zealand NZ 30-Nov-1988 England Willetton No 1 Perth 186-10
13 New Zealand NZ 28-Feb-2008 England Bert Sutcliffe Oval Linc 199-10
14 New Zealand NZ 12-Jul-2010 England Somerset CCC, Taunton 211-6
15 New Zealand NZ 05-Mar-2012 England Bert Sutcliffe Oval Linc 220-10

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