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2017 Diary

A Ramble on Women's Cricket
 - with diversions -

This diary will be updated erratically throughout the year.

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The Ashes


Firstly. here's all the Stats you are ever likely to need for this series ...


Head to Head Stats : England v Australia

And England v All-Comers




Ashes (Newest articles first)


Earlier - What a Start!


The first two games - warm-up matches - have been cancelled due to rain. A most frustrating situation for the visitors.


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Following Stats Online


I have been disappointed by CricketArchive's decision to disappear behind a paywall, and I use that verb carefully since I have now decided not to check there or to link to their scorecards and stats which I have done for a number of years and contributed a number of photographs including the vast majority of head and shoulders shots of women players. I have since discovered in conversations with other followers of the women's game that I am far from being alone!  So where can the avid follower look now?


Well, of course there is always this site - just check this page where I have tried to list things as carefully as possible (the Ashes links are also given above) and to give stats on such varied things as Head to Head matches e.g. for this upcoming Ashes series. It is easy in a couple of clicks therefore to find the right set of stats, scroll down the left hand column and pick the stat or record you wish to view. I know there is no ability to calculate with these but I'm afraid that's well beyond my meagre abilities to construct. For all this work I am very indebted to Marion Collin the ICC's Statistician, whose database has been laboriously compiled and whose software generates this multitude of combinations. For many years she has been the sole official arbiter of the 'numbers' as far as women's cricket is concerned.


But I have more recently come across another aspect to the stats in this sport and that's on Twitter. One of the contributors - in fact the major one by far - is someone hiding behind the essentially anonymous 'handle' of Hypocaust. He or she not only provides some of the milestones reached or about to be reached by players around the world but also some fascinating asides - stats that I would never have attempted to put together. Here are a few examples...



I am left wondering how many matches are played against what opposition. Impossible to work out, of course, not least because you would have to arbitrarily decide what were good or poor opponents. I mention this because, fine a player as she was, Belinda Clark's innings against Denmark, which tops the current "highest individual ODI" score at the moment cannot really claim to have been made against a bowling side with anything like the talent of Harmanpreet Kaur's recent opponents in her huge knock against Australia, and yet Clark's will remain sitting on the top of the list. We all know well enough to treat numbers carefully. Stats, contrary to the popular saying, don't lie but they can easily mislead.




When speaking to contemporaries I have more than once heard them exclaim "You're not on Twitter surely". Well I am, and above you can understand at least one reason why!  If you have a fascination (or even an obsession) with the stats and have a Twitter account, then do follow this contributor! 


With Hypocaust's permission I expect to be sharing some of his/her other fascinating facts in the future.


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