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2019 Diary

A Ramble on Women's Cricket
 - with diversions -

This diary will be updated erratically throughout the year.

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The Catch of the Summer

The first international team to visit our shores was, of course, the West Indies. They had something of a torrid time and, while missing Deandra Dottin from their number they simply didn't play to anywhere near their potential. All teams are liable to have periods like this and we have to hope for the sake of world cricket, this is just a phase.
The series did, however, produce a moment that I will remember for a long time. This was Fran Wilson's quite outstanding catch. So good was this effort that a number of times watching the men's game on the TV when the commentators remarked they had just seen the catch of the season, I found myself thinking "pretty good but they are not Fran Wilson".
You may find the quality of the video better here...

A Pleasure and a Privilege

During 2019 one particular assignment proved a real pleasure. I was not surprised since I had experienced this competition just the previous year so when asked to photograph it again there was no way I was going to excuse myself. This was the trip to England by the ICC Women's Global Development XI.

2018 Slide Shows shown here

The players in this XI come from all around the world including Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Pakistan, USA and, rather closer to home, Scotland, Ireland and Germany. Last year there were some from the United Arab Emirates.
It's a fine idea by the ICC! Not only does it give these girls a chance to play to a higher standard than they have back home, but it allows many of them to travel to places far removed from their homes not just in distance but in culture - a chance you might say to see "how the other half lives".

The ICC Team Celebrate taking a wicket against the Surrey Stars (© ICC)

The bonding among the players was very evident in spite of their varied backgrounds. In the shot above the cry from the huddle was "Rising Stars" a name they appeared to have given themselves!

Javeria Wadood ( ICC)

Captained by the more experienced Javeria Wadood from Pakistan, they put up a good showing, giving some of their opponents a real run for their money.

Christina Gough from Germany ( ICC)...

... and Brenda Hoi Tau from Papua New Guinea ( ICC)  - and also from PNG...

... quick bowler Ravini Oa ( ICC)
These two from PNG likely had the longest journeys, while the player batting closest to home was probably...

Emily Windsor ( ICC)

A Slide Show from the match against the England Academy can be found here...
I fervently hope they will return next year and give me the opportunity to meet them again.
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