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2013 Diary

A Ramble on Women's Cricket
 - with diversions -

This diary will be updated erratically throughout the year.

2013 Page 6
<May 25>
Just occasionally you come across a quote that makes you sit up and take notice. One such came recently from Australian fast bowler (arguably the fastest women bowler I have ever seen) Cathryn Fitzpatrick.

"I always thought I'd play cricket for Australia,
I just never thought it would be in the women’s team.
Cathryn Fitzpatrick

It's hard to follow a comment like that! I admire her confidence, although I'm, not sure, in view of the Australian men's attack when she was at her peak, she would actually have made it that far, but if a quick ever stood a chance it was her. I won't bore you again with my view on the finest spell of fast bowling I have ever seen (or at least one of the top three spells) but I will add to that the quickest was probably a spell I saw at Shenley during a Test against England in 2001 where she took 5-29 in just 18.1 overs.
She was a fine bowler and England, and other international sides around the world, should be grateful that Australia don't have one of her pace today.
I remember that match particularly since Kate Lowe top scored in that innings, a player whose career was cut short by illness but who could have proved a stalwart of the middle order for many years.

[Kate Lowe]

Kate Lowe representing Notts in 2004

<Early June>

Super 4s

With the Super 4s almost upon us a number of players seem to be aiming at the same places. Georgia Elwiss' recent form with the bat in the opening slot for Sussex including a maiden century for the County must mean she'll be looking to open at the next level, and others too are vying for numbers 1 and 2 on the card. Lauren Winfield has been in fine form and Sonia Odedra regularly opens both batting and bowling for Notts. With Amy Jones continuing her scoring from her one opportunity in the World Cup and Danni Wyatt ever present, the sixth berths for openers in the '4s' should be easy to fill. All that's even if you don't consider those who have opened for England in the past in Heather Knight and Tammy Beaumont. It seems the competition at the top of the order is pretty fierce to fill the one slot available after Charlotte Edwards takes, what in my opinion, is her rightful place.
And on another topic...
I have never been a fan of Play-Cricket web site. Firstly I find it confusing to navigate. Like all sites, you get used to it I know and I am hardly in a position to criticise as this site is really in need of more clarity! Also, of course, much of the interest is in the data it contains and here we are in the classic case of 'garbage in-garbage out' so familiar to computer users who play with numbers. I have always joked that a pedant is only a person who likes to get it right but when it comes to numbers it's no joke really. With inaccuracies in the cards entered the stats are inevitably in error. Please don't misunderstand me! I am well aware accurate record keeping in cricket is no easy affair which is why I have such admiration for Marion Collin who systematically checks and corrects scoresheets from this country and around the world for internationals and much UK domestic cricket. It is a painstaking job! However initial entry in Play-Cricket is done by numerous individuals with varying levels of skill. I guess it's inevitable that someone with Marion's skill is needed to ensure you are looking at accurate data.
<June 11>
Well two rounds of the Super 4s have now taken place, the first a couple of T20s and the second a 50-over match serving as a 'semi-final' for the matches to follow next weekend which, unfortunately I will not be able to attend.

T20 series scorecards and full stats              Photo Gallery/Slide Show

The T20 matches took place in fine if chilly weather.

50over Round 1 scorecards and full stats            Photo Gallery/Slide Show

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