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Cricket women win anti-Covid-19 battle

HURRICANES blitzed Blizzards in the four-match T20-Uganda Women’s Elite League (UWEL) cricket series at Lugogo Oval, Kampala, from December 11-13. Taking advantage of a five-day Covid-19 ‘window’ to stage the competition, Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) Aziz Damani-sponsored Hurricanes ran out 3-1 winners over their beleaguered Challengers opponents, who only on the last day rose to claim their moniker, Blizzards.

Wounded by a 10-wicket defeat on Friday (Dec 11), Blizzards showed more life on Saturday (Dec 12), failing by only eight runs to close down a 66-run target set by Hurricanes; but in the afternoon they again fell apart, losing by eight wickets.

Hurricanes, captained by Immaculate Nakisuyi with in-form batter Racheal (corr) Ntono as her right-hand deputy, showed more organisation and passion than Blizzards, who had national women’s captain and wicketkeeper Kevin Awino at the helm. While with Hurricanes most of the team appeared to have a large part to play, producing several stunning catches, there was a tad of slovenliness among Awino’s crew that cost them dearly. A trophy, and money, presented by UCA chief executive Martin Ondeko, sealed Hurricanes’ superiority in what was a brave attempt – despite or perhaps because of Covid-19 – to bring women’s cricket in Uganda back on track after their record-breaking ‘Best in Africa’ tag achieved in 2017 (‘Daily Monitor’ headline).

Now the Lady Cricket Cranes will be setting their sights further afield; to the Africa Cricket Association (ACA) T20 competition in Botswana next October (2021), to the Commonwealth Games at Birmingham, England, in July 2022 – when women’s T20 cricket will be introduced for the first time – and to the Women’s 50-over World Cup that same year, with the Women’s T20 World Cup the following year (2023).

Awino, still only 24, commented at the end of this successful display of opening the Covid ‘window’: “It’s been a long time. It was tough not playing for eight months, but we’ve come through.” Opposing skipper Immaculate Nakisuyi (Jimmy Benzo) said: “It was a challenging experience for me but I don’t want to be national team captain.” UCA women’s development officer and tournament organiser Franklyn Najjumba, who worked her socks (and silver shoes) off to get the event up and running, concluded: “That was really hard work, but worth every moment.”

Results: 1st T20: Blizzards 39 (Teddy Oyella 4-19), Hurricanes 40/0 (Racheal (corr) Ntono 23 not out). Hurricanes won by 10 wickets.

2nd T20: Hurricanes 65 (Immaculate Nakisuyi 15, Janet Mbabazi 2-7), Blizzards 58/6 (Kevin Awino 12, Immaculate Nakisuyi 2-9). Hurricanes won by seven runs.

3rd T20: Blizzards 52 (Janet Mbabazi 14, Concy Aweko 3-9), Hurricanes 54/2 (Racheal (corr) Ntono 20 not out, Sarah Walaza 2-11). Hurricanes won by eight wickets.

4th T20: Blizzards 60/9 (Teddy Oyella 3-11, Immaculate Nakisuyi 3-14, Patricia Malemikia 2-6), Hurricanes 47 (Franklyn Najjumba 2-3, Esther Kayaga 2-6, Irena Alumo 2-7, Stephanie Nampiina 2-14). Blizzards won by 13 runs.

Blizzards: Leona Babirye, Jeniffer (corr) Nabwana, Janet Mbabazi, Kevin Awino ©, Stephanie Nampiina, Esther Kayaga, Irene Alumo, Franklyn Najjumba, Sarah Walaza, Brenda Nabisalu, Shabeika Nangaga. Hurricanes: Racheal (corr) Ntono, Clare Mushakamba, Shakirah Saddick, Janet Nakirondo, Maria Nyende, Christine Anayo, Immaculate Nakisuyi ©, Evelyn Anyipo, Patricia Malemikia, Concy Aweko, Teddy Oyella.

Prizes were distributed by UCA CEO Martin Ondeko, chairman of selectors Nihal Bibodi and national team coach Laurence Mahatlane.

Prizewinners: 1st & 2nd T20s: Christine Anayo. 3rd T20: Teddy Oyella. 4th T20: Irene Alumo. Best wicketkeeper: Maria Nyende. Best fielder: Immaculate Nakisuyi. Best bowler: Christine Anayo.

Best batter: Racheal (corr) Ntono (avg 24.5). Player of the UWEL series: Christine Anayo.

UWEL runners-up: (Challengers) Blizzards.

Inaugural UWEL champions: (Aziz Damani) Hurricanes.

Uganda's Woman Umpire Sharon Athoula destined for great things

Image Reproduced courtesy Denis Musali

News from 'Topspinner'

A Spirit of Cricket (CMJ) award should go to FRANKLYN NAJJUMBA who, against all the COVID-19 odds, brought into play the UWEL (Uganda Women’s Elite League) competition at Lugogo Oval, Kampala, from December 11-13.

After a huge amount of work organising the tournament in her role as UCA (Uganda Cricket Association) Women’s Development Officer, she also turned out to play when one of her colleagues was unable to appear.

She is a real heroine, because the event proved to be a major success. It proves also that, as with the West Indies in 2020, the.developing world can stand tall in the promotion of the wonderful game of cricket.

In my submission, I am not “going over the top”. I am speaking about real endeavour, real passion and a real spirit of cricket.

A good woman deserves a bigger prize.

HURRICANES blitzed Blizzards in the four T20-match Uganda Women’s Elite League (UWEL) cricket series at Lugogo Oval, Kampala, from December 11-13.

Taking advantage of a five-day Covid-19 ‘window’ to stage the competition, Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) Aziz Damani-sponsored Hurricanes ran out 3-1 winners over their beleaguered Challengers opponents, who only on the last day rose to claim their moniker, Blizzards.

Wounded by a 10-wicket defeat on Friday (Dec 11), Blizzards showed more life on Saturday (Dec 12), failing by only eight runs to close down a 66-run target set by Hurricanes; but in the afternoon they again fell apart, losing by eight wickets.

Hurricane,s captained by Immaculate Nakisuyi with in-form batter Racheal (corr) Ntono as her right-hand deputy, showed more organisation and passion than Blizzards, who had national women’s captain and wicketkeeper Kevin Awino at the helm.

While with Hurricanes most of the team appeared to feel they had a large part to play, producing some stunning catches, there was slovenliness among Awino’s crew that cost them dearly.

A trophy, and money, presented by UCA chief executive Martin Ondeko, sealed Hurricanes’ superiority in what was a brave attempt – despite or perhaps because of Covid-19 – to bring women’s cricket in Uganda back on track after their record-breaking ‘Best in Africa’ tag achieved in 2017 (‘Daily Monitor’ headline).

Now the Lady Cricket Cranes will be setting their sights further afield; to the Africa Cricket Association (ACA) T20 competition in Botswana next October (2021), to the Commonwealth Games at Birmingham, England, in July 2022 – when women’s T20 cricket will be introduced for the first time – and to the Women’s 50-over World Cup that same year, with the Women’s T20 World Cup to follow the next year (2023).

Awino, still only 24, commented at the end of this successful display of opening the Covid ‘window’: “It’s been a long time. It was tough not playing for eight months, but we’ve come through.”

Opposing skipper Immaculate Nakisuyi (Jimmy Benzo) said: “It was a challenging experience for me but I don’t want to be national team captain.”

UCA women’s development officer and tournament organiser Franklyn Najjumba, who worked her socks (and silver shoes) off to get the event up and running, concluded: “That was really hard work, but worth every moment.”

Results: 1st T20: Blizzards 39 (Teddy Oyella 4-19), Hurricans 40/0 (Racheal (corr) Ntono 23 not out). Hurricanes won by 10 wickets.

2nd T20: Hurricanes 65 (Immaculate Nakisuyi 15, Janet Mbabazi 2-7), Blizzards 58/6 (Kevin Awino 12, Immaculate Nakisuyi 2-9). Hurricanes won by seven runs.

3rd T20: Blizzrds 52 (Janet Mbabazi 14, Concy Aweko 3-9), Hurricanes 54/2 (Racheal (corr) Ntono 20 not out, Sarah Walaza 2-11). Hurricanes won by eight wickets.

4th T20: Blizzards 60/9, Hurricanes 44. Blizzards won by 16 runs.

Teams: Blizzards: Leona Babirye, Jeniffer (corr) Nabwana, Janet Mbabazi, Kevin Awino ©, Stephanie Nampiina, Esther Kayaga, Irene Alumo, Franklyn Najjumba, Sarah Walaza, Brenda Nabisalu, Shukeik Nangaga. Hurricanes: Racheal (corr) Ntono, Clare Mushakamba, Shakirah Saddick, Janet Nakirondo, Maria Nyende, Christine Anayo, Immaculate Nakisuyi , Evelyn Anyipo, Patricia Malemikia, Concy Aweko, Teddy Oyella.

The prizes were distributed by UCA chief execurive officer Martin Ondeko, UCA chairman of selectors Nihal Bibodi and national team coach Laurence Mahatlane.


1st & 22nd T20s: Christine Anayo, 3rd T20: Teddy Oyella, 4th T20: Irene Alumo.

Best wicketkeeper: Maria Nyende, Best fielder: Immaculate Nakisuyi

Best bowler: Christina Anayo, Best batter: Racheal (corr) Ntono (avg 24.5)

Player of the series: Christine Anayo. UWEL runners-up: (Challengers) Blizzards

The Commonwealth Games Secretariat should be informed that UGANDA is preparing itself for the 8th slot for the cricket T20 (Women) at the 2022 Games in Birmingham, England.

That is the motivating factor behind the series of five T20s being played during a Covid-19 ‘window’, December 11-13 2020, at Lugogo Oval, Kampala.

The games are between two select 15-strong squads, Blizzards and Hurricanes, under the title Uganda Women’s Elite League (UWEL).

Ugandans are eager that the 2022 Commonwealth Games organising committee takes note of our Ugandan women’s intent.

The games will be going out live on YouTube (Deependsport media) and video (Kabwooyo FM); BBC World Service’s ‘Stumped’, Supersport, and website are also showing a lot of interest.

Please support this noble endeavour!

1st game of UWEL called off because of wet outfield after heavy morning downpour.

2nd game (2.15 pm): Blizzards beaten by 10 wickets by Hurricanes.

Blizzards: 39 all out (Teddy Ayella 4-17); Hurricanes 40/0 (Racheal (corr) Ntono 23*).

Hope things will even up a bit in two games tomorrow.

Umpires: Sharon Athoula and Alpha Adowa, who hopes to go to King Alfred’s College, Winchester, to study sports administration and play for St Cross CC in Southern Premier League.

KAMPALA. Uganda Cricket Association (UCA)’s undoubtedly No.1 fan Swetal Desai, a sports philanthropist in every right, has predicted that women’s cricket in Uganda will scale the heights sooner rather than later.

Desai, who is on a seven-day working trip to Uganda with Indian coach Dinesh Jaimon, was quick to make an honest assessment of the ladies game in Uganda after he watched them outmuscle the Abagurusi XI by 50 runs at Kyambogo Oval on Saturday.

Rachael Ntono scored a half century (50) and Mary Nalule fell for 33 as the Lady Cricket Cranes raced to 50 for no loss inside 7 overs before setting 148 runs for 3 wickets in the allotted 20 overs. The Abagurusi were only good for second place on the day as they fell for 98 runs with Norman Batanda managing 25.

“These girls are playing proper cricket shots. They are also fielding very well. A little more fine-tuning and they should be able to compete against fancied sides,” said Swetal, who hosted the Cricket Cranes in Chikhil, India in March this year.

The match was also the last trial match for the ladies who fly out to Zimbabwe this week for a Six-Nation Challenge in Harare, Zimbabwe as part of their preparations for the ICC Women’s World T20 Global Qualifier in July.


Kevin Awino (captain), Janet Mbabazi (vice captain), Gertrude Candiru, Rachael Ntono, Concy Aweko, Carol Namugenyi, Franklyn Najjumba, Saidat Kemigisha, Mary Nalule, Rita Musamali, Stephannie Nampiina, Immy Nakisuyi, Joyce Mary Apio, Prico Nakitende, Reserves: Evelyne Anyipo, Esther Iloku, Irene Alumo

Girls have last laugh at Kenya school championships

The recent Schools Cricket Association of Kenya (SCAK) national championships were a pretty dull affair – until the girls came on board.

It was meant to be a boys’ schools event but the girls seized it by the “balls” (untampered, of course).

So much so that their team, Menengai, topped their group in the contest held at Nakuru (April 9-13), and Kenya international women’s player Esther Wangari bagged the bowling prize with 4 wickets for7 runs in a game in which she rowed her side to victory with a stubborn 20.

Other women present included national captain Daisy Wairimu, still recovering from a severe road accident, all-rounder Queentor Abel, Ruth Ambiyo, Charity Wambui and senior player Mary Wambui, who took on the bulk of the umpiring duties at Rift Valley Sports Club.

It was an encouraging sign that the women were able to rise to the challenge of playing the boys’ teams at their own game; and they did so with confidence.

Menengai School (Nakuru) shared the spoils with last year’s winners Samaj School (Nairobi); the runners-up were two other Nairobi sides, although two teams from Kisumu also participated.

Nairobi School (Prince of Wales) and Lenana School (Duke of York) were also-rans!

Uganda Awards

Members of the Uganda Team pose with supporter Colin Macbeth and the Upsa Trophy

First Division Foray for Olila

Olila HS’s first foray into the Uganda women’s cricket first division reaped immediate success with a nine-wicket victory over Pioneer at Kyambogo on Saturday.

Meanwhile on the large ground at Entebbe, using the men’s boundary, Wanderers walloped title holders Tornado Bee by a mighty 100 runs.

Olila made cricket look easy as Pioneer struggled to a less than adequate total of 86 in 45.5 overs; Olila took just 26.1 overs to pass the target with one wicket down, Rwandan Damalie Besigye doing the key damage with 44 not out.

It was captain Janet Mbabazi who set up the Wanderers victory at Entebbe with a classy 86 (Pioneer’s total!) from 84 balls, ably assisted by Consy Aweko (48) as they put on 99 for the fourth wicket.

Rita Nyangendo took 3-24 for Tornado Bee but was essentially outspun by Hope Wanaichan’s 3-34 as Bee tumbled to 148 all out in reply to Wanderers’ 248.

Aweko (2-27) put the screw on Tornado Bee’s batters from the start and, although six made double figures, none could get away, skipper Patricia Munguryek top scoring with 26.

The game’s sole pace bowler Patricia Malemikia took 2-27 for Wanderers in a game in which there were five sharp caught and bowled dismissals and some excellent ground fielding.

Running between the wickets, particularly by Wanderers, was a vast improvement on what had been seen in the Mehta T20 contest earlier in the year, and bodes well for when Uganda step up from their recent continental T20 success to bigger things.

The Best Sportswoman in Uganda

Lady Cricket Cranes Restore Uganda’s Pride


In a year when all the chips were down, and the pride of Ugandan cricket battered, following the relegation of the men’s team to division four of international cricket, and the under-19 boys lost a world cup qualification final to Kenya in July, this was considered a ‘dead’ year.
However, when the Lady cricket Cranes team posted a 90/7 score to beat Zimbabwe’s 89/7 in the final of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Africa Region T20 World Cup qualifiers last Saturday, they did not just restore the pride of Ugandan cricket, but also laid a marker for the women’s game in the country.
“You have to earn recognition. You fight and work for it. And by being African T20 champions, our efforts have paid off,” Lydia Bakumpe, the team manager said. Bakumpe is one of the pioneers of the national women’s cricket league, which started in 2008.
And having been part of the national team in its formative years then, Bakumpe experienced many disappointments. Therefore, it has been a long hard walk to this point. Many normally refer to hard work and team ethic, as team captain Kevin Awino said.
Yet, there have been more intricate factors to this success. There are presently two league divisions of women’s cricket. The first has six teams while the second is composed of five. Coupled with an ever growing Girls schools cricket week tournament, there has been growing activity in the ladies game.

This has raised the competition, hence improving the application of the women in the game. It is therefore unsurprising that Gertrude Candiru was the MVP at a tournament against more fancied opponents like Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Youth also kept Uganda in good stead. After years of shortcoming, the addition of school girls to the team did not only bring exuberance, but hunger too. Since the youth had not experienced much failure, they played with a lot of conviction and determination to prove a point.

Therefore, the public perception towards the women’s game is expected to change henceforth, as seen in the kind of media coverage their return attracted. In fact, from Entebbe airport, they had a lead Police car, a preserve for high profile dignitaries, to keep them from being delayed by traffic.

Their welcome-back-home dinner was at Cafe Javas at City Oil, Kamwokya before some of them returned to school, following the opening of the term this week. They still have work to do, before their future is clear.

Similarly, the Lady cricket Cranes have to play Papua New Guinea, Netherlands, Ireland, Bangladesh and Scotland later this year, to make certain, their place at next year’s ICC T20 World Cup in the West Indies. That should help Uganda recover from the disastrous ICC World Cricket League Division Three disaster in May.

This article and image Reproduced with permission

Uganda's Daily Monitor Page Showing Uganda national women's team celebrating being picked by
Uganda Sports Press Association
as the best sports team/personality in Uganda for the month of September 201

Uganda Crowned African T20 Champions

After  Capturing Africa

Sensational Victory for Uganda

This puts them into the final qualifying round along with Scotland, Netherlands, Bangladesh, Ireland and Papua New Guinea.

It was a sterling achievement as they also beat Kenya (twice), Tanzania and hosts Namibia. They lost by 59 runs to Zimbabwe in the round robin but got their revenge in the final (Zimbabwe 97, Uganda 98/7).

The African winners will join Scotland and Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh and Ireland in the final qualifying tournament for the World Cup that will be held later this year or in early 2018.

What a coincidence!

Just as the pressure group in the Uganda Men’s Amateur Open was about to tee off on Saturday (September 16) at the 18-hole 72-par Kitante Golf Course in Kampala Uganda, Uganda's Lady Cranes were getting set to bowl the first ball of their victory-bringing final against Zimbabwe in the Africa stage of the women’s T20 World Cup 2018 qualifier at the Wanderers ground in Windhoek, Namibia.

The Ugandan ladies won – and Uganda’s Ronald Rugumayo won the golf.

Rugumayo was sinking his winning putt just as the news filtered through that the ladies had won in Namibia!

Reproduced with permission

Uganda Return Home

The following team goes to Nairobi for EA women's championship (Aug 21-26) and to Windhoek for ICC Africa Women's T20 WCQs (Sept 8-15):

Kevin Awino (capt), Janet Mbabazi (vice-capt), Carol Namugenyi, Naome Kayondo, Franklyn Najjumba, Concy Aweko, Gertrude Candiru, Racheal Ntono, Rita Musamali, Mary Nalule, Saidat Kemugisha, Stephanie Nampoona, Immaculate Nakisuyi, Joyce Mary Apio. Res: Gloria Adubu.

Coach: Francis Otieno; Manager: Lydia Bakumpe.

OLILA Enjoy Sweet Taste of Success

Olila High School will thank Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) for giving them a 9.15am start in their first semi-final against Pioneer CC on Mehta T20 Premier League finals day at Kyambogo, Kampala, Uganda, on Saturday (August 12).

In misty early morning gloom Olila had Pioneer struggling on 4/3 after just two overs, two of the wickets being run-outs including one from the first ball of the day.

The reason for the early start was UCA’s wise decision to bring the second semi-final, between Jinja SS and Wanderers CC, over from Entebbe to Kyambogo, to make a full day’s women’s T20 cricket - with the final, in which Olila triumphed, in the afternoon.

Pioneer groped their way to 16/4 from seven overs before Kenya star Queentor Abel (31) and Mary Nankinga (17) put on 41; but this took them into the 17th of 18 overs, and Pioneer were left fretting on 60/6.

Olila’s slow right-arm bowler Gloria Obukor was almost impossible to get away, bagging 2-6 from her three overs.

Olila HS had no trouble in reaching 63/3 in 11.1 overs, with opener Margaret Banja making 22 and partner Rachael Ntono 17. Queentor Abel took 2-12 in reply, but Olila ran out winners by seven wickets.

Next up were Jinja SS whose 99/5 in 18 overs proved too much for pre-match favourites Wanderers (76/8), to give them a comfortable winning passage to the final. Opener Ruth Masamali made 31 and wicketkeeper Kevin Awino – the only non-schoolgirl in the Jinja side – 23, while Wanderers’ skipper Janet Mbabazi grabbed 2-16.

For Wanderers, Gloria Adubu – sporting ‘Zulu’ on the back of her blouse – went off driving like a train but was run out on 21; and fellow opener Agnes Abigaba was bowled for the same score, at 58. The rest of the line-up fell behind on run rate and holed out, giving Jinja a satisfying 23-run victory.

In the final, described by local newspaper Daily Monitor as ‘boring’, Olila’s 110/4 (20 overs) was too tall an order for match-weary Jinja to attempt to equal. They prodded and plodded their way to 51/9 in their 20 overs, giving the impression of having no ambition to reach the target.

For Olila, Kenyan opener Banja (37) and Uganda all-rounder Gertrude Candiru (27) put on 43 for the third wicket; another Kenyan, Sarah Bhakita, smashed 21 not out at the tail end.

Jinja SS turned it into a disappointing final, Musamali (16) being the only batter to get into the groove.

Obukor (3-5) and Bhakita (3-12) put the screw on any progress. Said Olila manager Felix Musana: “They played into our hands.”

He added: “I am so pleased for the effort our girls put in.”

Sugar package

Afterwards there was Mehta Group sugar from Lugazi for all participants, leaving a sweet aftertaste to a well organised and successfully sponsored competition.

Olila, formed in 2014, only emerged from the second division last year; so success at the first attempt in the Mehta T20 Premier League was doubly sweet, for both the team and their young, ebullient coach Ivan Kakande.

Top performance prizes were awarded to Queentor Abel, Janet Mbabazi and Kevin Awino.

Olila HS, from far-flung Soroti, rejoiced in winning the Mehta T20Premier League trophy, while 2015 winners Jinja SS, from across the Nile, had to be satisfied with being runners-up.

Pioneer 60/6 in 18 overs (Queentor Abel 31, Manry Nankinga 17, Gloria Obukor 2-6); Olila HS 62/3 in 11.1 overs (Margaret Banja 22, Rachael Ntono 17, Queentor SAbel 2-12). Olila HS won by seven wickets.

Jinja SS 99/5 in 18 overs (Rita Musamali 31, Kevin Awino 23, Claire Mushakamba 14 not out, Nina Adong 14, Janet Mbabazi 2-16); Wanderers 76/8 in 18 overs (Gloria Adubu 21, Agnes Abigaba 21). Jinja SS won by 23 runs.

Olila HS 110/4 in 20 overs (Margaret Banja 37, Gertrude Candiru 27, Sara Bhakita 21 not out, Joyce Mary Apio 10 not out); Jinja SS 51/9 in 20 overs (Rita Musamali 16, Gloria Obukor 3-5, Sarah Bhakita 3-12). Olila HS won by 59 runs to win the Mehta T20 Premier League trophy.

Article from New Vision

QUEENTOR Queens it Over Women's Cricket World

Kenya’s Queentor Abel, playing for Pioneer CC, was one of the star turns in this year’s Ugandan Mehta T20 Women’s Premier League.

She received a prize for her all-round 2017 performance at an awareds ceremony after the finals of the Mehta T20 at Kyambogo, Kampala, on Saturday (August 12).

Other recipients of awards were Ugandan all-rounder Janet Mbabazi and wicketkeeper Kevin Awino.

Polls Fever Robs Cricket Girls of Transport

Five Kenyan cricketers, Veronica Abaga, Vanessa Adhiambo, Mary-Belle Ngoche, Mako Hako and Jane Achieng, were unable to play for their respective Ugandan teams at the weekend because they could not get buses out of Nairobi.

All buses were fully booked by last Tuesday because of the Kenya elections this week 9August 8).

Other players affected were Kenya internationals Margaret Banja, Sarah Bhakita and Sylvia Kinyua.

Three players from Nakuru, Ruth Ambiyo, Edith Wanjiru and Esther Wangare, however manage to reach Uganda by luck, able to squeeze on to local transport to the border at Busia, thence by bus to Kampala.

Election fear in Kenya has forced thousands of people to travel upcountry from the major cities and towns to seek comparative safety in the rural areas.

“We were lucky to make it,” said Ambiyo, who with Wanjiru and Wangare took part in a T20 double header for Kampala Institute of Cricket Clubs (KICC) against Wanderers in the Mehta Women’s Premier League at Entebbe on Saturday.

And they said they were going back to Kenya to vote!

Meanwhile, over on the road to Jinja, Olila HS manager Felix Musana’s car broke down with players Gertrude Chandiru, Rachel Ntono and Damalie Besingye aboard. They had to alight with all their kit and take a communal taxi to Jinja.

The breakdown was in the middle of the dense Mabira Forest, where wild people lurk; but the trio got to the Jinja SS ground where they lost one game but won the other, to stay top of the table.

Saturday’s Mehta league cup semi-finals will now be between Olila HS and Pioneer CC at Kyambogo and between Jinja SS and Wanderers at Entebbe. They will be followe in the afternoon by the final, at Kyambogo.

Wanderers: 71/3 - 17 overs (Jennifer Nabwana 20 not out, Consy Aweko 19 not out); KICC 39 all out -13.2 overs (Ruth Ambiyo 17, Franklyn Najjumba 12; Hope Wanaichan 4-3, Janet Mbabazi 3-4). Wanderers, with Hope Wanishan doing a hat-trick, won by 32 runs.

Wanderers 87/7 - 20 overs (Evelyn Anyipo 12 not out, Patricia Malemikia 12, Hope Wanaichan 11, Jennifer Nabwana 11); KICC 74/8 - 20 overs (Franklyn Najjumba 16, Ruth Ambiyo 13, Kevin Apio 13, Janet Mbabazi 3-24). Wanderers, managed by former East and Central Africa 1975 World Cup player Sam Walusimbi, won by 13 runs.

*It’s not only Moeen Ali who can take hat-tricks. That too was the case for young Hope Wanaichan – and she did it all in the same over…

T20 League Comes to a Head

The Uganda Mehta Women's Premier League comes to a head this weekend (July 5) with T20 double-headers between Olila HS CC and Jinja SS CC at Jinja, and between Kampala Institute of Cricket Clubs (KICC) and Wanderers at Entebbe.

Olila HS have already secured a semi-final place, but the other three spots are up for grabs. Non-playing Pioneer and Tornado Bee will be viewing the other games closely.

KICC pulled off a surprise by beating Tornado Bee twice last Saturday, at Entebbe: will this now be their lucky ground against a struggling Wanderers side?

It is unlikely Olila HS will succumb to last year's champions Jinja; for once they will have a less distant journey from Soroti - by 40km - to the ground at Jinja Secondary School.

The semi-finals are due to be played at Kyambogo and Lugogo on August 12, with the finalists meeting at Lugogo.


Olila Dedication

You may wonder about the 'Olila' girls I am regularly lavishing praise upon. Fact is, I think they embody the spirit of cricket.

First up, most of them are still at school and they leave Soroti before midnight by communal taxi to reach Kampala, often by 4am, to be in time for games.

Second, although they have 'ringers' - i.e. Kenyans Sarah Bakhita, Margaret Banja and Sylvia Kinyua to help them - as well as senior players Gertrude Chandiru and Rachel Ntono - it is just as much the young schoolgirls under Joyce Mary Apio who have been providing the support to win their games,

Third, they have an ardent coach in left-arm spinner Ivan Kakande, who recently took the national girls' U-19s team to Rwanda and reached the final against Kenya's first team in that country's 'Peace' cricket tournament.

All things considered, they are a joy to watch and great trailblazers. Roll over Wanderers, Tornado, KICC and their ilk!


Olila Head to Top of Table

Upcoming Uganda women's side Olila HSCC wikll be able to watch today's Women's World Cup final at Lord's with smiles on their faces after twice defeating Kampala Institute of Cricket Clubs (KICC) in a T20 double-header at the Lugogo Oval on Saturday and going to the top of the league table.

They won gently in the morning by six wickets: KICC 61 all out (Vanessa Adhiambo 20*; Joyce Mary Apio 2-5, Margaret Banja 2-10); Olila HS 62/4 in 11.5 overs (Gertrude Chandiru 24, Stesia Asalo 12*).

After lunch, they outlayed and outthought their moe established opponents. They chose to bat and made 92/8 (Rachel Ntono 24, Joyce Apio 11*, Chandiru 11, Esther Wangare 3-14, Maureen Thawithemwira 2-15), which seemed hardly enough when KICC were motoring on 50/2 (Franklyn Najjumba 24, Veronica Abaga 15, Mary Nanderenga 10).

But the Soroti (Olila) girls put the screw on and, with sharp fielding and clever changes of bowlers nailed KICC to the floor. KICC's 20th over ended on 81/7 (Kevin Apio 15), the latter order having totally dried up.Medium pacer Chandiru took 3-17 and slow right-armer Sarah Bakhita 2-5 off four overs apiece in the 11-run victory.

Next up, Lord's!


Martha prods when six is needed

A six was what Martha Akello had to hit off the last ball for Wanderers to win their T20 match against Olila HS at Kyambogo (July 15).

But she flunked it and Wanderers, who had been leading on balance from the third over to the 18th, were beaten by five runs by their ‘schoolgirl’ opponents.

For Olila, former Kenya skipper Sylvia Kinyua held their innings together with an elegant unbeaten 36 in a total of 83/6 (Rachel Ntono 21), while for Wanderers captain Janet Mbabazi scored a scratchy 27 as young off-spinner Gloria Olukor ripped them apart with three for six in four overs. (Olila HS 83/6. Wanderers 78/7).

In the ‘return’ afternoon fixture it looked as if it was going to be Wanderers’ bubbly wicketkeeper Gloria Adubu’s day when a sharp stumping and a smart catch during Olila’s 80/4 were followed by fours off the first three balls she faced.

But it was a false dawn as her exit heralded a monumental collapse by Wanderers to 41 all out in 7.5 overs.

For Olila, opener Ntono scored 23 and their other Kenyan international, Sarah Bhakita, thumped 24 and bagged three for seven as the side from distant Soroti ran out worthy winners by 39 runs in increasingly dull light. (Olila HS 80/4, Wanderers 41).


A Tale of Ten Shirts

Wanderers’ ladies had a brainwave when they turned up at Entebbe, Uganda, for their T20 double-header with Tornado Bee on Saturday (July 8) minus their uniform shirts and trousers.

They decided to borrow them from Uganda’s golfers who were taking part in the Uganda versus Kenya Victoria Cup on the idyllic 18-hole course which surrounds the cricket oval.

So, like disciples Peter and John, Sam Walusimbi, 70, the ex-World Cup player and Wanderers’ team manager, and a hobbling 68-year-old cricket and golf correspondent hared off to Entebbe Golf Club clubhouse to enter into sartorial negotiations.

The golfers, clad in yellow, were generous to a fault and offered all ten of the red shirts they had worn the day before (which had to be collected from a hotel) – and themselves went down to the oval to cheer on the ladies.

As there were only 10 shirts and four pairs of odd black trousers, it was imperative Wanderers’ captain Janet Mbabazi win the toss and elect to bat - which she did, her side scoring 46/3 in what was by now reduced to a 10-over match.

But that’s when their luck ended; for by now Wanderers’ all powder blue kit had arrived and the team changed and went out to field in it.

But the umpires insisted they revert to the former ‘red’ kit - which by then had been sorted and prepared for return to the clubhouse… So Tornado Bee, without going in to bat, were awarded the game!

However, Wanderers had the last laugh.

In the afternoon T20 against the same opponents – everyone now clad in the right kit just so – Wanderers bowled Tornado Bee out for 59 in 19.5 overs, replying with 60/4 in 17.3.

A case, perhaps, of the biter bit – and a happy ending to the tale of ten shirts…


You win one, you lose one...
There was a splendid women’s T20 double-header at Kyambogo University, Kampala, on Saturday (June 17) in which Olila High School from distant Soroti won their first senior league game after promotion from division two last year.
Albeit helped by 44 wides bowled by Tornado Bee, the Olila girls scored 103/6 in 18.3 overs (ex-Bee Gertrude Chandiru 31*) in reply to Bee’s laboured 99/5 (20).
Their exultation, however, did not last long as they went down by nine wickets in the afternoon game: Olila HS 67/5 (18), Chandiru 22*; Bee 71/1 (Mary Nalule 23*, Sarah Uwera 22).
Olila HS is part of Soroti Cricket Academy founded in 2014, which also incorporates Soroti Light Academy, Teso College, Soroti Municipal Secondary School and Halcyon HS. Academy chairman Musama Felix said: “This is a day for rejoicing – and also one for learning what defeat means.”
Tornado Bee had in their ranks two non-Ugandans, Rwanda opener Uwera and Kenyan all-rounder Mary Wambui, who was player of the tournament in the inaugural UAE women’s contest last December.
This is an interesting trend. Uganda U-23, Uganda U-19 and Kenya recently went to Rwanda for the annual Peace cricket tournament, which Kenya won. Cricket is becoming much respected in Rwanda though, like slave traders, the more established nations regularly bring ‘captives’ home with them! Let us not underestimate the power of cricket to bridge divides; vide also Sierra Leone and, more important, Afghanistan. There are sure to be others!
NB. Uganda cricket still has no ground it can rightly call its own. The three ‘ovals’  used for the recently concluded ICC WCL Div 3 are all owned by ‘others’ – Kyambogo is a university ground, Entebbe is owned by the golf club of that name and main ground Lugogo by the Uganda National Council of Sports (NCS).  Plans were afoot some years ago to build a dedicated cricket ground at Kisubi near Entebbe and work was seemingly in progress – and, by all accounts, still is...

Links to Kenyan Daily Nation's Coverage of UAE T20 Tournament


World Cup the 'Next Stop' for Kenya

Women Bowl over the Critics

Kenya earn Revenge over UAE

Kenyan Girls Hit Malaysia

Kenya Fall to Hosts UAE

Kenya Gear Up for T20 Cup in UAE


Kenya Turns Attention to WCQ

Ugandans Blush over UAE cup 'Defeat'

By ‘Topspinner’

Uganda’s cricket establishment will have been peeved that it was Kenya who came home with the ‘beef’ from the inaugural International Women’s T20 Cup in Sharjah early this week.

Kenya knocked out Uganda by the narrowest of margins (76/9; 77/9) before going on to defeat hosts UAE by five wickets (65; 69/5), while Uganda had to settle for third place with a 22-run win over Kuwait (101/5; 79).

Ugandans will be able to point to the non-appearance of Zimbabwe which weakened their group, so they played only Oman (126/7; 39) and Kuwait, whom they beat also at the group stage (138/6; 89), while Kenya went down to UAE. A match against Zimbabwe would have been good preparation for the semi-final meeting with their East African neighbours.

That said, Uganda failed when they needed to pile on the pressure. Having posted 76/9, a barely adequate score, they had Kenya on the rack on 28/5 and 53/8 before letting them off the hook. Kenya’s ninth wicket pair put on 23 to bring them level and the last couple negotiated the one run needed for victory with four balls to spare.

Such is the rivalry between Kenya and Uganda camps – despite both having Kenyan coaches – that this will be seen as a slap in the face for Uganda’s women, who had got used to beating the Kenyans.

Nonetheless the tournament – like the recent men’s ‘home’ series in Nairobi between Kenya, Uganda, Saudi Arabia and Qatar – shows a renaissance of East Africa in the world of international cricket. The other participants were Malaysia and Qatar.

This was the first voyage away from the African continent for both the Kenyan and Ugandan women’s teams, and it should be anticipated that it will not be the last edition of the UAE tournament.

“Cricket is the winner,” said various commentators after the victorious Kenyan team landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), Nairobi, early on Wednesday morning, to be feted with a celebratory lunch arranged by Cricket Kenya (CK) chairperson Jackie Janmohamed.

Meanwhile the Ugandans will have to go back to the drawing board - to make sure they win next time.

Colin Macbeth

It's a 'Mary' Christmas for Kenyans...

(Team Kenya gets its revenge - and the Cup)

by 'Topspinner'

Kenya's women cricketers gave Cricket Kenya (CK) a timely Christmas present when they defeated United Arab Emirates (UAE) by five wickets in the final of the inaugural UAE International Women's T20 Cup in Sharjah on Monday.

Their efforts were a far cry from the 11-run defeat they suffered at the hands of the same opponents in their group stage match - and the Kenya men's two-wicket defeat by UAE in the final of the ICC Trophy in Nairobi in 1994.

Mary Wambui took 4-10 as UAE struggled to 66 all out in 17.4 overs. And it was the same Mary (18) with Queenter Aoko (19) who saw Kenya halfway to their target with a 33-run first wicket stand.

There were lesser contributions down the order as the East Africans saw their way to the 66 runs needed without any panic, finishing on 69/5 in 16 overs.

In the match for third place, Uganda with 101/5 (20 overs) defeated Kuwait, 79 all out, by 22 runs.

Happy Christmas!

NB. There is a very good piece by Richard Mwangi in today's (Tues) Daily Nation in which he recounts the 1994 ICC Trophy final, though he says that 'second placed' Netherlands qualified for the 1996 World Cup; indeed they did, but as the third placed team. Kenya were second and qualified, notably defeating West Indies (Lara et al) at Pune in that 1996 World Cup.

Daisy's Girls Scrape Home

Daisy’s girls scrape home as Ugandans take foot off the pedal

Captain Daisy Wairimu’s Kenya girls took things to the wire in beating Uganda in their T20 International Cup semi-final in Sharjah yesterday (Sun) to win a place in the final against UAE today (Mon).

Uganda were motoring on 48/5 but accrued only 76/9 in 20 overs. By contrast, Kenya were struggling on 53/8 but made it to 77/9 (19.2) to win by one wicket with four balls to spare despite five run outs.

It was a rare triumph for Kenya over their East African neighbours and one that will provide them with momentum for the final.

Cricket Kenya (CK) chairman Jackie Janmohamed has put up $500 for the team and $100 for the outstanding Kenyan performer in the UAE-based competition, according to the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

Semi-final results: Uganda 76/9, Kenya 77/9 (19.2); UAE 113/8, Kuwait 89 (19.4).

Newspaper Article

Kenya Brought Down to Earth

After easy wins over Qatar and Oman respectively, Kenya and Uganda were set to come up against tougher opposition when they were scheduled to meet United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Zimbabwe in the UAE Women’s International T20 Cup competition in Sharjah this week.

Kenya (133) easily overcame Qatar (61), and Uganda (126/7) made mincemeat of Oman (39) in the two East African countries’ initial fixtures on Wednesday; but then Kenya (105) went down to hosts UAE (111/6) the next day, while Uganda had a walkover as Zimbabwe failed to show up.

Friday was a rest day. The competition resumes tomorrow (Sat) through to Monday.

Other participating teams are Kuwait and Malaysia, in what the UAE organisers hope will become a regular contest featuring women players from Asia, the Middle East and Africa – albeit, in the East African teams’ case, with male coaches…

Kenya 133; Qatar 61 (18)

Corrected score: UAE 116/5 (20); Kenya 105.

Uganda 128/7; Oman 39

A-level Candiru steals show for Bee
[July 2016]

By ‘Topspinner'

It was the Gertrude Candiru show at the lakeside Entebbe Oval on Saturday (July 16) when Tornado Bee stung Uganda Charity Trust Fund (UCTF) by 157 runs in the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) Women National League.

Not content with an innings-defining 56 not out – and an unbroken seventh wicket partnership of 73 with Ritah Nyangendo – Candiru went on to bag six wickets for 13 runs.

Bee’s total of 249/6 (50 overs) was too much for Charity to pursue, and though openers Jocelyn Nakato and Esther Ngabire scored 30 without loss, they took 11 overs to do it – and the game was already up for them before the wickets began to tumble.

At the 19-over water break they were 74/5, all five wickets falling to Candiru slow medium stuff. Her colleagues were already calling “It’s your day” from the beautiful Entebbe pavilion even when she was batting; and indeed it was her day!

Thebfirst ball after the break saw another wicket – to Nyangendo – and it was just a matter of time before Bee won; and they did so by a huge margin, 157 runs, Candiru capturing one more wicket. Afterwards golden girl Candiru said: “I feel very, very good.”

Tornado Bee 249/6 (Gertrude Candiru 56*, Saidat Kemugisha 45, Ritah Nyangendo 25 not out, Martha Akello 3-47); Charity 92 all out (Jocelyn Nakato 21, Gertrude Candiru 6-13, Naome Kayondo 3-15).

*Candiru’s 56 not out was exceeded, by one run, by extras which totalled 57. Charity bowled 50 wides – an average of one an over, but did not field badly!


UCA Women’s 40 Over League 2015
[May 2015]

The UCA Women’s 40 Over League is back. After a successful completion of the UCA Women’s Sixes Challenge where newly established Tornado B CC won the event clinching Jinja SS at the Finals, teams are all geared up for the 40 Over league. Eight teams namely; Charity TF CC, Tornado B CC, KICC, Jinja SS CC, JACC, Pioneer CC, Ndejje-Premier CC and Wanderers CC have so far confirmed participation in the tournament. Action will be on three grounds; Jinja, Kyambogo and Lugogo oval for this weekend.

Tornado B CC winners of the UCA Sixes Challenge 2015
 as they received their winners trophy on Saturday at Lugogo Oval.

Kololo SS ends Jinja’s Girls Cricket Week run
[April 2015]

Kololo Secondary School beat defending champions Jinja SS by seven wickets to end the latter’s three-year dominance as they won their maiden Pepsi Girls Schools Cricket Week title at Lugogo Oval on Tuesday.

Having lost out in the previous two finals to the same opposition, the Jackson Ogwang-tutored Kololo paid back faith in front of a partisan crowd with a scintillating display.

“After losing in the previous two finals, I knew things would be different this year,” ICC level two coach Ogwang told Daily Monitor as he held back his emotions. “Whatever you are seeing now is a result of three months of hard work.”

With six new kids on the block including Kalsum Rashidah, Ogwang is keen to watch his girls defend the title next year. “The new faces in our side will be even more experienced next year. And the fact that they can easily access Lugogo, we will be able to fill Patricia Munguryek’s void (senior six finalist) as we seek to defend our title,” he said.

However, Jinja coach Habibu Mugalula opined otherwise. “I wouldn’t say we were beaten. Our mistakes cost us the trophy. I know we shall be victors again next year,” he said.

Having defeated a greatly improved Kyebambe Girls’ side in the morning semi-final, Mugalula’s side relied on tournament most valued player Damalie Busingye (36* off 51 balls) and Claire Mushakamba (23 off 34) to set 92 for 3 in 20 overs.

The score would have been far from Kololo’s reach, but sequential fumbling in the field put paid to Jinja’s chances. As Jinja continued to miss out on taking catches (seven) and run-outs (five), Kololo skipper Saidat Kemigisha, also the tournament’s best batter, led by example with a steady knock of 26 off 41 balls.

And when Kololo needed 15 off 18, Munguryek, who was featuring in her last schools tournament, signed out on a high with a breezy 15-ball 14 including two boundaries that sealed a memorable victory with eight balls to spare.

Final result

Jinja SS 92/3 Kololo SS 93/3

Player of Series: Damalie Busingye (Jinja SS) 153 runs; Best Batter: Saidat Kemigisha (Kololo SS) 217 runs in seven innings; Best Bowler: Evelyn Anyipo (Olila HS) 14 wickets; Best Fielder: Aisha Kyeru (St. James SS) nine dismissals; Best Wicket-keeper: Rebecca Mpumwire (Kyebambe) four dismissals.

Ugandan girls make it three in a row

By Topspinner

Uganda’s U-19 girls' cricket team floated back into Kampala on Cloud Nine after winning the Africa Cricket Association (ACA) girls’ tournament, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, for the third year in a row.

Close neighbours Kenya proved the toughest obstacle, but the Ugandan girls proved they had the spirit to overcome them.

It was not yet clear whether the Ugandans would be keeping the trophy, played for annually; but for certain the vuvuzelas were searing and the crowds cheering as they made their entry back into Kampala.

The other participating teams were Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Mozambique and Rwanda.

Uganda have really turned this local competition into their own fiefdom; now it is up to their seniors to emulate them in the Africa Women’s World Cup Qualifiers at Willowmore Park, Benoni, near Johannesburg, South Africa, next week (Dec 14-16).

Uganda dismiss Kenya to retain U-19 title

Uganda take U19 title

Team Uganda defeated neighbours Kenya by 50 runs in a decisive match to clinch their record third ICC Africa U-19 Girls’ Twenty20 title in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The two sides completed the round-robin tournament all square with eight points but coach Yusuf Nanga’s Ugandan girls had a better net run rate (NRR) of +1.39 to successfully add to their 2012 and 2013 titles. Kenya finished with a NRR of +1.05.

After Ugandan skipper Janet Mbabazi was asked to bat first, the defending champions were shell-shocked by Kenya's bowlers as the scoreboard read 27-5 after the first half of the innings at the Gymkhana Oval. But Damalie Busingye’s unbeaten knock of 24 off 43 balls and Patricia Munguryek’s quick 11 off 10 silenced Emily Akinyi (3/14) and restored confidence as Uganda went on to set a competitive 72 for 8.

If Kenya felt the total was reachable, Uganda’s bowling arsenal had different ideas. By the end of the fourth over, Kenya were already reeling at 7-4. And they were consequently bowled out for a paltry 22 runs midway through the 13th over as bowlers Jane Baluka (4/4), Patricia Malemikia (3/6) and Racheal Ntono (2/3) returned parsimonious figures before wheeling away in jubilation.

Such a feat is what their senior counterparts – the lady Cricket Cranes – will have to match when they take part in the ICC Africa Senior Ladies’ Twenty20 tournament in South Africa (Dec 14-16).

“The U-19 girls have been so impressive. That chain of success must continue from the youngsters to the top,” coach Frank Nsubuga told Uganda's Daily Monitor. Nsubuga travelled to South Africa with only 10 players but they will be joined by four from the winning U-19 feeder side: Mbabazi, Ntono, Busingye and Saidat Kemigisha. Uganda will face Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania in the battle for the sole ticket to the 2016 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup.


Uganda select Training Squad

Uganda Cricket Association is pleased to announce the U19 Girls training Squad has been reduced to 18 Players, to prepare for the Africa Cricket Association Girls U19 Trophy, scheduled to take place from 6th - 9th December in Tanzania ( Dar es Salaam).

The Squad will be under residential training which starts on 27th November 2014 to 4th December where the final team of 14 players who will represent Uganda will be selected.





Uganda Matches moved after Terrorist Threat

By Colin Macbeth

Not content with flushing their male counterparts out of Kampala, Al-Shabaab operatives have, de facto, now targeted Uganda’s women cricketers.

The Africa Women World Cup qualifiers had been slated to take place in Kampala and Entebbe in mid-December – until now.

Now they will be taking place at Willowmore Park, Benoni, on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa, from December 14-16, where facilities can be guaranteed to be more secure.

This is great shame for Uganda and has punched another hole in their home international cricket schedule.

In 2011, by contrast, barely a year after Al-Shabaab terrorists struck FIFA World Cup final spectators at Kyadondo rugby ground and at an Ethiopian restaurant in Kabalagala (July 11, 2010), Uganda’s men were cheerily defeating Namibia in a T20 competition (July 2011), and a few months later (December) the Ugandan women ran out winners in that year’s Africa T20 women’s championships, staged in Uganda.

Now all has gone south – and with it the home advantage that would have been to Uganda’s benefit.

Ruto's Family Mourn her Death    :    Charity Retain Title

Kenya stun Tanzania as South Africa dismiss Tanzania

Girls hit Namibs

Kebba, Kyobe win big at cricket awards

By Charles Mutebi

Success and Uganda cricket shared the same platform for a change on Thursday evening.

Uganda Olympic Committee chief William Blick hands over a trophy to Kevin Apio,
captain of Wanderers, the best women’s team for the year 2013.

Thanks to the UCA awards, held at the MTN Arena to celebrate the best of the 2013 season, local cricket finally ended a spell of consistent bad news that has run for nearly two months. Still, there was a touch of irony in the destiny of the ceremony’s two biggest awards. Nicholas Kebba was named player-of-series for the 2013 Multiple Industries Cricket League Division 1 after his eye-catching exploits helped Tornado B win their maiden national title.

Kebba beat Arthur Kyobe to the prestigious award but the Tornado opener won the next big thing —best batsman. Kyobe amassed a league-best 461 runs, a whole 102 runs ahead of second place, who happened to be Kebba.

Apart from dominating the night, Kyobe and Kebba (who also claimed best wicketkeeper award with a league-best 22 dismissals), had one other critical thing in common. Neither was part of Uganda’s ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier in New Zealand.

The reasons for their absence were different - Kyobe was controversially dropped from the team for disciplinary reasons while Kebba has never really been considered due to his hectic work schedule as a full-time lawyer. Nevertheless, no one wants to see the best players in the league failing to make the national team. After all, of what purpose is the national league if not to groom players for international cricket?

“For the past six years, if you look at the top batsmen in the league, many of them have not been part of the national team,” explained Kebba.

The amateur nature of the local league cricket occasionally leaves the selectors’ hands tied because on the one hand, they want to call up the best players in the league but on the other, they want to have players who can commit to national team training sessions. But for players with rewarding jobs in corporate Uganda, giving them up to chase a cricket career with small to no financial benefits is not an option.

“I have been called up for national team trials on various occasions,” revealed Kebba. “But I have been forced to pull out because of school and work commitments.” Kebba explained that he would have loved to be part of the national team during last year but, he added, “I would have only been available on my terms ”

Kebba attributed his performances last season to the wisdom of old age that is more valuable in cricket than many other sports. “The game becomes easier as you age,” he said. “I am elated for winning these awards. I have come close a number of times and winning player-of-series is a goal I have always had so I thank my team-mates for helping me achieve it.”

Thirteen other cricketers from the major three leagues also received trophies. Challengers’ Uganda international tennis and cricket player Daniel Ruyange claimed Multiple Industries Cricket League Division 2 player-of-series, while Damalie Busingye took the corresponding award in the women’s national league.

Women cricketers finish second at Africa T20 event

By Darren Allen Kyenune

Due to the presence of giants South Africa, a top finish was never on for Team Uganda at the ICC Africa Senior Women’s Twenty20 Championships in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The South Africans finished on top of the pile with an unbeaten record. But Uganda return home this morning (Tues) as winners after they defeated home side Tanzania by 15 runs in the second-place decider yesterday afternoon.

Having elected to bat at the University of Dar es Salaam Oval, coach Davis Turinawe’s charges set 69 for the loss of eight wickets. At 7.1 overs, the side had been 15 for 3 but Kevin Apio anchored the innings with a 52-ball 21 to ensure the bowlers had a competitive score to bowl at.

The trio of Carol Namugenyi, Franklyn Najjumba and Prico Nakitende snared a wicket apiece for a total of 12 runs as Tanzania’s batters struggled to match the required rate. At the end of 20 overs, Tanzania were stranded at 54-6. Justin Musubiika (1/13) took the match award.

ICC World Cup Qualifiers Review

Colin Macbeth

ALL three African teams in the ICC World Cup qualifiers in New Zealand next month – Kenya, Namibia and Uganda – are in the same group, ‘B’, hence will be playing each other for a place in the 2015 finals. Their other group opponents are Netherlands, who go in to bat as favourites, and Papua New Guinea (PNG).

With such a grouping, and only one place at stake, the rivalry will be intense, not just for the World Cup place but also for the pecking order in Africa. In the recent T20 World Cup qualifiers, Namibia (10th) pipped Kenya (11th), while Uganda lagged two places behind in 13th spot.

None, however, qualified. So, rivalry or not, they will each have to aim to do a lot better down in the land of the kiwis in their rival bids to make Africa proud.

Uganda, in particular, will want to edge out arch-rivals Namibia, with whom they have had a tense see-saw relationship over the years, and neighbours Kenya too - as the Ugandans seek to build on their clubs’ successes at the expense of Kenyan sides in this year’s (2013) East Africa Cup, a 50-overs a side contest – as will be the case in New Zealand.

Kenya appeared to have dug themselves out of their ‘black hole’ in the early stages of last month’s (Nov) T20s in UAE, but then fell away badly, though they defeated Namibia in the warm-ups – while Uganda lost to the ‘kaburu’ in the competition proper.

It will be a sorry state if Africa is represented only by South Africa and Zimbabwe when the World Cup 2015 competition, in Australia and New Zealand, actually comes round: until now Kenya have been ever present, with Namibia, and to a lesser degree Uganda, knocking at the door.

The proof of the pudding will, of course, be in the eating, though neutrals must hope the Africans will have learned sufficient from their generally disastrous T20 exploits last month (Nov) to bounce back to show what they really can do.

Group ‘A’: Scotland, UAE, Canada, Hong Kong, Nepal.

Group ‘B’: Netherlands, Kenya, Namibia, PNG, Uganda.

Africa Junior Championships

By Dun Okinyo and Colin Macbeth

Scorecards & Updates

KENYA Under 19 girls' cricket side will travel to Dar es Salaam,Tanzania, on Friday with high hopes of winning the Africa junior ladies championships for the first time in five years.

The team last year finished fourth behind Uganda, Botswana and Tanzania in Kampala, and manager Dun Okinyo says they are hoping this time to come up with a side that will see Kenya end the jinx. "We hope to come up with a strong side that will make us win the event," Okinyo said.

The team has been training at the Ruaraka Sports Club ahead of the event that will involve six teams from the continent. The teams are Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Rwanda and Mozambique. The event is set for December 7-9.

Okinyo added: “The preparation has gone well and we've got a lot of experience in the squad."

Players likely to make the team include Quinta Aoko, Daisy Wairimu, Jane Achieng and Faith Mwende, all four of whom have played for the senior team in the past.

Aoko and Wairimu have been voted the best players in a previous continental event while Achieng was the best batter last year.

The team has been playing warm up with the Nairobi U15 XI at Ruaraka to help the coaches gauge the players ahead of selection of the final squad.

Meanwhile Uganda's team will be travelling to Dar on Friday for the tournament. Uganda, the defending champions, will be flagged off on Thursday (December 4) at the National Council of Sports Headquarters, Lugogo, Kampala at 10am. The squad will be announced tonight (Tues). It is coached by Grace Mutyagaba and managed by Trudy Namulondo.

The senior Uganda women's team will enter camp on Friday in preparation for the ACA senior women's tournament in Windhoek. The camp will run up to December 12. Eighteen players will be hosted at the National Council of Sports Hostel for the duration of the camp, from which 14 will be selected for the Namibia contest.

Both senior women's and men's teams will take part in trial games this weekend with the women travelling to Entebbe and the men at play at Kyambogo Oval, Kampala.



1. Damalie Busingye (Jinja SS) Vice Captain
2. Patricia Busingye (Jinja SS)
3. Janet Mbabazi (Jinja SS) (Captain)
4. Pricco Nakitende (Jinja SS)
5. Rachael Ntono (Jinja SS)
6. Saidat Kemigisha (Kololo SS)
7. Immaculate Nakisuyi (Jinja SS)
8. Irene Katusiime (Gayaza HS)
9. Barbara Nabirye (Jinja SS)
10.Jane Baluka (East Kololo PS)
11.Kevin Awino (Jinja SS)
12.Sadique Shakira (Kololo SS)
13.Patricia Munguryek (Kololo ss)
4. Mary Nalule (Kololo SS)

Team Manager: Gertrude Namulondo

Tanzania to open up against Botswana   :   Tanzania Team   :   Best facilities needed for ACA

Sam's girls grab Uganda League Title

One-time EA World Cup star Sam Walusimbi's ladies stormed to the Uganda women's league title as the 2013 season's fixtures ended on Saturday (Aug 3) with so-far winless Tornado drubbing Hopetoun Rangers on the shores of Lake Victoria at Jinja.

Sam's girls, bereft of the title for many years, outpointed 2012 title holders Charity Trust Fund CC to seize the prize.

Former title holders themselves, Tornado were in a pickle ahead of the journey across the Nile to Jinja, fearing they might be saddled with the wooden spoon. But captain Franklyn Najjumba (20) came good with the bat assisted by 'Queen of the Vuvuzela' Gloria Adubu (16) in a total of 43 for 9, after co-queen off-spinner Concy Aweko had bagged 3-10 to leave the Justine Musubika-led Hopetoun lasses on the ropes at 39 all out.

"We were mighty happy with that win after a difficult season," said Najjumba, one of the stars of the national women's squad and women's devlopment officer for the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA).

But now it is Sam and his enfants terribles who will be basking in the reflected glory as they seek to hang on to their title when the 2014 season comes round.

Charity back to winning ways

Champions Charity returned to winning ways when the Uganda national women's cricket league resumed in Kampala on Saturday (June 15).

After a previous upset against Wanderers, the Trust Fund side pulled out the stops to beat as yet winless Tornado, former national captain Barbara Mukankusi (32) and club captain Skove Akello (25) leading the way after being put in by Tornado captain Franklyn Najjumba.

It was a good day for present national captain Naome Kayondo too, as she scored 36 for Wanderers against Jinja (JACC). Wicketkeeper Mary Nanderenga (87) was also in fine form with the bat while young Janet Mbabazi went through the Jinja batting with six for 10.

Lugogo Cricket Oval

Charity Trust Funnd CC 127/9 beat Tornado CC 93/10 by 34 runs

Charity batting: Barbara Mukankusi 32, Scovia Akello 25

Tornado bowling: Gloria Adubu 3/21, Consy Aweko 2/15

Tornado batting: Pricco Nakitende 18, Franklyn Najjumba 14

Charity bowling: Rita Nyangendo 2/13, Carol Namugenyi 2/22

Kyambogo Cricket Oval

Wanderers CC 172 beat Jinja Association CC 61 by 111 runs

Toss won by Wanderers CC who opted to bat.

Wanderers batting: Mary Nanderenga 87, Naome Kayondo 36.

JACC Bowling: Rachael Ntono 4/29, Barbara Nabirye 4/42

JACC Batting: Damalie Busingye 13, Patricia Busingye 12.

Wanderers Bowling: Janet Mbabazi 6/10

Uganda demolished by South Africa

Reports by Colin Macbeth

ICC Pepsi 2013 Africa T20 title

There was symmetry in Kenya’s and Uganda’s battle for the ICC Pepsi 2013 Africa T20 title, in which Kenya eventually triumphed in Kampala (Mar 1).

Uganda won seven games and then lost one; Kenya lost one and then won seven. And each side’s loss was against the other, both having two victories apiece over Tanzania, Botswana and Nigeria.

Kenya came out with a better run rate and so, with victory on the last day of the contest over Uganda at their Lugogo Oval home, took the crown away from the hosts, who’d won the continent’s inaugural T20 contest there in July 2011.

Uganda beat the Kenyans by 30 runs in the first fixture, at Kyambogo Oval, but were brought to earth after Kenya posted 156/5 (Alex Obanda 64, ex-Warwickshire man Collins Obuya 40) at Lugogo.

The Ugandans, in dire trouble on 107/9, were out for 137, former Sussex player Ragheb Aga grabbing the winning wicket after Uganda’s last pair Brian Masaba, a former Under-19s skipper, and left-arm spinner Henry Ssenyondo put on 30, falling 20 short of victory (James Ngoche 3-18, Obuya 2-19).

Uganda Cricket Association is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Cricket Without Boundaries, a UK charity, to deliver coaching projects in six districts. Two separate volunteer teams are due to arrive in Uganda to deliver the projects. Through the project CWB trains teachers and coach’s cricket to school children whilst delivering messages about the prevention of HIV and AIDS.

The first team arrived in Kampala on the 17th February and will be delivering projects in Ndejje, Jinja and Masaka over a two week period. The team is being led by Gavin Reynolds alongside seven volunteer coaches from all over the UK.

The second team will arrive in Kampala on the 21st February and will be delivering projects in Tororo, Mbale and Iganga over a two week period. This project is led by Jamie Burton alongside seven volunteer will be joined by young coaches from Uganda, Juma Gabula and Ephraim Batambuze, while the second team will be joined by Flavia Laker, captain of Uganda women's champions Charity Trust Fund CC, and Ronald Wakamara, who will work closely with the volunteers and pick a leaf on how things are done out there.

[Holly Colvin]

The second project has been strengthened by the news that England Ladies star Holly Colvin will be joining the trip. Holly, fresh from competing in the Women’s ICC World Cup in India, has been recently announced as CWB’s new UK Ambassador and she is playing a vital role in increasing awareness of the charity both in the UK and beyond.

Both of the project groups can be followed during their trips in Uganda on their blog sites:

Project 1 -

Project 2 -

{30.11.12} Girls ICC Africa U-19 now scheduled for Dec 8-10 in Kampala. Teams: Botswana, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania. Tanzania are the holders.

{25.11.12} Twenty20 Series

[Uganda Team]

Uganda Team before departure
photo © Innocent Ndawula

Game 1- Uganda won by 14 runs
Uganda 92/9: Barbara 18, Akello 28, Adubu 13; Banja 4/29
Kenya 78/3:

Uganda skipper Barbara Mukankusi is pumping up the volume amongst her Ugandan teammates as they seek to wrap up their Kenya Tour on a high at Ruaraka Sports Club Oval in Nairobi.
When Kenya toured Uganda in September, the hosts took a series lead only for Kenya to bounce back with three victories in the T20 format. And Mukankusi was preaching focus after her team took a 2-0 lead at Peponi School Oval on Friday.
“We are not repeating the same mistakes we did then,” the skipper told Sunday Monitor. “We undermined them in Kampala and paid the price. But there is no room for error here (Kenya).”
Mukankusi with 47 runs, Scovia Akello with 28 in the first game and Gloria Adubu with 13 runs and an unbelievable return of three wickets for two runs were the architects of Friday’s two wins.

Game 2- Uganda won by 5 runs
Uganda 76/9: Barbara 29,N Franklyn 14, Apio 8; Bakhita 4/13
Kenya 71 all out: Mercelyn 15; Adubu 3wkts/2runs

{23.11.12} Kenyan captain out

KENYA women’s cricket team captain Emily Ruto has been ruled out of Kenya’s Twenty20 series with Uganda beginning tomorrow in Nairobi by an ankle injury.

Coach Dun Okinyo confirmed Ruto would miss out after the player injured her left ankle during training at Ruaraka Sports Club yesterday. “'Chepcricket' will not be available for the six match series which begins tomorrow (Friday)” said Okinyo. "As much as we would like her to play, I wouldn’t like to risk her at this moment.”

Kenya are already contemplating a gamble on the squad with the absence of Uganda-born opening bowler Belinda Maska. Ruto’s injury is a big blow.

Okinyo did not confirm who would replace Ruto but Africa junior girls championship player of the series Quinter Aooko is the favourite to get the nod.

“Ruto has been asked by the physio to sit out for at least a week without playing any cricket and we will have to respect that. However her absence will give a chance to younger players to prove themselves,” Okinyo added.

As the national team will be using the series to prepare for the T20 women’s World Cup qualifiers in Tanzania next month, the junior players who could get a chance to play in the series will be using that opportunity to feature in this year’s Africa junior girls (Under-19) championships in Kampala next month.

Beryl Oyugi and Lydia Kaparo would be alternatives to Aooko. One bowler Kenya will have available is Mary Belle who is making a comeback after a 15-month absence. Speaking at Ruaraka, Belle said she is happy to be back and is looking forward to giving a good performance over the weekend.

“I am totally focused on the series. I am sure I will be in good shape come the qualifiers,” Belle said. “I am now concentrating on getting into the team. The matches will be tough but I genuinely believe we can win. We must play better cricket for three days. We need to play a brand of smart, aggressive cricket.”

Belle is likely to open the bowling with Mercy Adhiambo in the absence of Maska.

The Ugandan team is coached by Grace Mutyagaba, standing in for regular coach Henry Okecho.

Henry Okecho, the Uganda national women’s cricket coach, has challenged his outfit to turn the tables on their hosts Kenya during their six-day tour of Nairobi.

A squad of 14 left for Kenya yesterday (Wed) and will use the tour to prepare for the ICC Africa Women’s Twenty20 World Cup qualifiers slated for December 15-20 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Okecho, who will not be in Uganda’s dugout as he attends to other ‘commitments’, believes the tour will give his youthful outfit a chance to play out of their shells.

“I have some commitments over the weekend,” said Okecho, whose side will play six T20 games against the Dun Okinyo-tutored Kenyan side.

“Grace (Mutyagaba) my assistant will take charge. I have told the girls to play without fear. They seem to be fearing to fail rather than playing to win. They should do the latter and seize their chances.”
Barbara Mukankusi was retained as captain whereas Flavia Laker was elevated to the vice captain role in reward for her stellar leadership of Charity Trust Fund, who won a season double in the women's league and T20.

{21.11.12} It’s all joy for Rita now

Two years ago, Rita Nyangendo was a very upset young lady. At 18, she’d been left out of the Uganda U-19s girls’ cricket team because she’d failed to meet – as had others – an extraordinary Africa Cricket Association (ACA) time bar; on top of that she found herself excluded from the main women’s national squad for a key competition in Nairobi.

But Rita, now 20, has come back with a burst. After starring for Uganda in its women’s 50-50/T20 series against Kenya a couple of months ago and putting on consistently good performances, with both bat and ball, for Charity Trust Fund CC, the 2012 women’s league winners, she was voted the season’s most valued women’s player at last week’s (Thurs) Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) end-of-season ceremony at Lugogo Oval, Kampala.

“That’s better,” she said, heartfeltedly, after her triumph.

And three other Charity players lined up with her to receive awards: national captain Barbara Mukankusi grabbed the wicket-keeping gong, off spinner Flavia Laker (no relation) was voted best bowler and Scovia ‘Livewire’ Akello scooped the fielding prize. Young mother Mary Nanderenga, of Wanderers and the wife of top Ugandan umpire Patrick Makumbi, was voted best batter.

Amongst the men, veteran all-rounder Benjamin ‘Benzo’ Musoke (Tornado) was voted most valued player (MVP), fellow veteran Nihal Bibodi (Wanderers) best batsman, former Uganda U-19 captain Brian Masaba (Nile CC) best bowler, the ever alert Raymond Otim (Tornado) best fielder, and Rohit Dhanji, of Shree Kutchi Leva Patel Samaj (SKLPS), best man behind the sticks.

Musoke, who first played for Uganda as a 16-year-old in 1994, had not won the MVP award before.


{18.11.12} Uganda Women's Annual Awards

Most Valued Player: Ritah Nyangendo (Charity)
Best batsman: Mary Nanderenga (Wanderers)
Best bowler: Flavia Laker (Charity)
Best w.keeper: Barbra Mukankusi (Charity)
Best fielder: Scovia Akello (Charity)

{27.10.12} Ugandan trailblazers fizzle out

After a rip-roaring start, Uganda's women's bid to wipe out archrivals Kenya in the 50/50 and T20 game came unstuck in Kampala last week (Sept 3-8).

The home side ran out easy winners in both 50/50 fixtures, at Entebbe and Kyambogo University, where all-rounder Franklyn Najjumba blasted 59 out of a total of 135, and won the first T20. But then the rain set in, and so did Uganda's fortunes.

The second T20 was abandoned and Kenya went on to win the next two, narrowly, and the final one by a wide margin.

"The Ugandan girls appeared to get more fatigued as the week progressed," said coach Henry Okecho, who nonetheless felt the series had gone well - depite injuries to captain Barbara Mukankusi and all-rounder Gloria Adubu - and that his side would give a good account of themselves when they come up against South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya in continental competition in December.

Uganda are the current Pepsi ICC Africa T20 champions.

ODI results: Uganda 158, Kenya 101 (Entebbe); Uganda 135, Kenya 60 (Kyambogo Univ).

Ugandan girls elated with their trophy during the prize-giving ceremony for the Pepsi ICC Africa women U-19 Championships at Nob View Hotel, Ntinda December 10, 2012.
PHOTO/Norman Katende

Three ladies head to South Africa for Elite Academy

The 3rd edition of the Africa Cricket Association’s (ACA) elite women’s cricket academy program is set to take place in Johannesburg, South Africa between 8th and 13th of February at the Willowmore Park Stadium in Benoni.

Kenya will be represented by three ladies, namely Emily Ruto, Sharon Juma and Daisy Wairimu. They were picked based on their performances in the two Twenty20 tournaments held in December last year, these being the Ladies U19 Africa Championship in Kampala, Uganda where Daisy Wairimu was voted the Most Valuable Player and the ICC Africa Women’s World Cup Qualifier held in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, that both Ruto and Juma were part of.

The Kenyan ladies will be amongst a group of 18 players from different countries in Africa. Ruto is the women’s team captain since 2009 with 23 caps for the national team, while Juma with 18 caps is the ladies team wicket-keeper and youngster Wairimu, capped just three times, is the other representatives from the girls’ squad.

Ruto is a graduate from the University of Nairobi with a degree in Electrical Engineering while Juma is studying Media Technology at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and Wairimu is a student at Eastmore Girl’s School in Nakuru.

The training at the Academy will be conducted by Feizal Kimmie, the Senior Development Officer for the ICC in Africa. He will be accompanied by an assistant coach Ephraim Nyawo of the Eastern Cricket Academy. Amongst the presenters will be Jolene Campher, an expert in Sport Vision & Wicket Keeping, Jody Martin, a level 3 coach and a Meta coach in Cricket Psychology, as well as Chrissie Bakker, a Human Movement Specialist